The Hypocrisy of Christianity Today

I am writing this as an open letter to Christianity Today in response to your op ed that Trump should be removed from office. First, you do not speak to me or for me as an evangelical, and the presumption that you do is both arrogant and shortsighted. Your attempt to influence evangelical voters is blatant and misguided. Second, after stating the clandestine motives of the opposing party and their failure to allow Trump to actually present any kind of case, you pontificate, “the facts in this instance are unambiguous.” These two statements are completely contradictory and unworthy of printing in your esteemed magazine.

Do you really think Scripture supports the removal of a duly elected official without the ability to face his accuser and call his own witnesses? Do you really think Scripture is silent when it comes to the requirement that every word should be established by two or three witnesses (2 Corinthians 13:1) instead of the REO Speedwagon “heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from a another” hearsay justice? Perhaps you have forgotten that a witness (Matthew 18) is a person with first-hand knowledge of the situation and not someone who was told about it. The House of Representatives is packed with lawyers and yet not one in the charging party can remember his or her first-year law school teaching on the rules of evidence regarding hearsay. This type of kangaroo court would not survive five minutes in a small claims court anywhere in the nation and yet you suggest this banana republic justice be applied to the President of the United States? I thought your name was Christianity Today. Perhaps it should be renamed to Christianity Yesterday.

Although you did speak out regarding Clinton who irrefutably perjured himself on camera denying justice to a private citizen by deception, did you call for the removal of President Obama when he stood before the American people over 40 times on camera to proclaim Americans could keep their healthcare providers and policies if they liked them? Did you call for his removal over the Benghazi cover up claiming that the violence was the result of a private video? Did you say anything when the rogue Iranian regime was given billions in cash by edict? Did you make a moral statement about a compromised Secretary of State Clinton running for high office after mishandling classified documents and obstructing justice by destroying devices containing those documents? Did you publicly vilify her many Christian followers and leaders who support her just because of the “D” beside her name? Have you publicly condemned Joe Biden for admitting and bragging on camera he held up aid for a political favor as a sitting Vice-President? No, you judge the President for asking for an investigation of the one who actually violated the law but ignore the one who broke the law to go after the one bringing attention to it. Notice how selective, hypocritical, and partisan you are with your moral outrage.

It is you who compromises your witness by violating the most basic and foundational Scriptures demanding justice in such matters (Proverbs 11:1), daring to condescend to millions of Christians with the discernment to see beyond the rhetoric and hidden agenda, and duplicitously applying your moral standard. You have lost your credibility by endorsing a course of action that is ungodly, inconsistent with Scripture, and a horrible precedent for our nation by advocating that policy differences justify the solemn undertaking of impeachment and removal of office. By your standard, every living President should have been impeached and removed from office, and yet you only rise to speak to this one. It’s clear you have bought in to the talking points of an effort that is dishonorable, inconsistent with jurisprudence anywhere in our land, and that is a distraction from the real issues we have in our nation. In doing so you have corrupted your purpose and exposed your bias.