Another General Promoted

Some men of God live their lives with such integrity and passion that they need not be concerned about their legacy or impact. David Wilkerson is certainly one of those faith giants and amazing examples to us all. Author of the life-changing true story The Cross and the Switchblade, pastor, crusade evangelist, founder of Teen Challenge, and prophet of God, Rev. Wilkerson made his journey home to be with Jesus Christ yesterday morning.

The Scripture says that “the righteous are as bold as a lion” (Proverbs 28:1). I think the thing I most appreciate about Wilkerson’s ministry is his commitment and boldness to speak the truth in love regardless of audience or feedback. He, like the prophets and apostles before him, lived his life and executed his ministry with total allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ not caring who might bristle under the weight of his words of force of his anointing. He did not pause to reflect on the modern church growth notion that a man must have some sort of cultural affinity before attempting to reach the gangs of New York with the love of Jesus Christ. I’ll never forget his response to Nicky Cruz when he threatened to cut Wilkerson up into little pieces for daring to share Jesus with him. Wilkerson simply told Cruz that every piece would cry out that Jesus loved him.

Let’s follow the great example of truly one of God’s generals and allow the love of Jesus to make us all bolder than we have ever been before for Jesus Christ.