Eyes Wide Open

At the risk of shocking most of the people that know me, I can’t stand quietly by when the President is attacked for making the best decision of his term – supporting the UN resolution endorsing the no fly zone in Libya and averting a sure massacre of thousands of people (my only problem is the delay of our response). Right now Obama is having a revelation that naive campaign rhetoric about U.S. military involvement is no substitute for the NSA briefings that come across his desk as the actual President.

Current and past Presidents must smile wryly at the bold declarations of candidates knowing full well the solemn realities that will face that person if they manage to win the election. Coming to terms with that reality, Obama has shunned the voices of isolationism and pacificism to do the right thing, for to whom much is given, much is required.

Great nations must embrace the cost and sacrifice of their prosperity, prominence, and power. Most powerful nations throughout history have used that power to control and oppress. Despite the internal and external voices of the America haters, this nation with a true sense of right more often than not, uses that power to help, support, and empower. True imperialists do not defeat their enemies then pay for their reconstructon. Truly oppressive nations do not invest billions in the infrastructure, food production, and security of non allied nations. I am glad to witness Obama embracing that legacy to follow in the footsteps of Presidents of all political parties who have chosen in times past to do what is most consistent with our national conscience and values – even if we don’t know the end from the beginning.