The Tower of Babel, Version 2.0

Tower of BabelSociety generally teaches us today that our ultimate success and direction in life is not so much about our decisions, our choices, or our actions, but the impact and influence of the societal collective. This is the essence of a culture focused on dethroning God and replacing divine authority with human consciousness, intelligence, and ingenuity. We’ve seen this before many times in world history including the infamous building and subsequent destruction of the tower of Babel where man basically snubbed his nose at a holy God declaring, “we don’t need you – we can get along nicely all by ourselves.” Thus is the essence and arrogance of socialism – a man-centered attempt to direct his affairs, chart his own course, and solve his own challenges. The problem with this reasoning is that the more man strives to fix the problems his own darkened understanding has created, the worse things become. The secular and humanistic leadership in the United States is taking up where the Babylonians left off by trying to resurrect a philosophy that will only result in the falling of whatever is built upon it.

Never before in my lifetime have we faced a more ominous threat to our nation than we do right now. Our nation today inaugurates the poster child of America’s incarnation of socialism, President Obama, for a second term. Without the drama and the pomp of the first inauguration where we rightly celebrated the election of the first black President in our nation’s history, today’s ceremony seems to be tempered by a weak endorsement of a leader whose slogan the past four years seemed to be, “it wasn’t me” (but at least he “doesn’t wear magic underwear” and can “sing a mean Al Green”). Our mandate as believers from Scripture is clear. We are to pray for our leaders and for those in authority so “that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness” (1 Timothy 2:1-2).┬áLet us pray fervently for the President and his administration, but let us look beyond the gleaming White House and Capitol Building to the face of God for the deliverance and restoration of our nation. For if the deconstruction of the Judeo-Christian ethic and influence in this nation continues, there will be no philosophy of man that can deliver this nation. History shows without exception that the nation that divorces itself from God and embarks on a course of so-called enlightened social theory and governance is destroyed. The hope of America is an awake church, a praying church, and expectant church that will press in and look for the very hand of God to manifest in our nation bringing the greatest awakening this nation has ever seen.