An Open Letter to President Biden

I listened very carefully to what you said about unity during your inaugural address. I want to trust that you value unity rather than cynical conformity. I believe you deserve a chance to put legs to your promise. With that in mind I offer the following simple suggestions that will show good faith and assist you in your noble quest. You are correct when you state we can do anything as a nation when we are united, but if you are going to inspire and facilitate unity, you simply must understand the greatest and immediate threats to it.

First, use your influence as the new President to wave off the Senate seeking to punish the former President for ideological differences and ill-advised rhetoric rather than for any real violation of the constitution. You cannot sit back and pretend you have no responsibility to address the impending and historic second trial of the President in the Senate that was precipitated without any semblance of due process. Surely you understand that the fastest way to entrench division in this nation is to further alienate millions of Americans by allowing the continued political persecution of your predecessor.

Second, use your influence as the new President to address the cancel culture now operating in full swing against anyone viewed as supporting, voting for, or working for the former President. There can be no unity when humility and mercy are missing.  Cancel culture seems fine until the winds change and another group becomes the target of this vicious tendency to thoroughly punish anyone believing, saying, or doing something others do not like.

Third, use your influence as the new President to rebuke leftist voices spouting Maoists calls for the reeducation and deprogramming of those who supported your predecessor. You need to understand a simple fact. The former President did not create a movement of people of like vision and values – he simply gave voice to it. If you really want to see unity, reign in this totalitarian rhetoric and demand civility from both sides of the fence. 

Fourth, use your influence as the new President to challenge the repulsive and unamerican systematic censorship of conservative voices from the former President down to ordinary citizens throughout the land. You spoke repeatedly about racism, but you seem either blind or indifferent to the new ideological racism polarizing this nation. We know the mainstream media and social media have your ear. Now they need to hear your voice if you truly desire to be the President of all the people. 

Fifth, use your influence as the new President to govern and lead by consensus rather than gathering up your agenda and ramming it down the throat of the American people as was the case with Obamacare. The healthcare legislation lacked any meaningful input or support from the other side of the aisle. Unity will require you actually listen and remain open for where you can find common ground instead of vilifying those who see things differently. 

Finally, as a person of faith, I will be praying for you that our heavenly Father would give you wisdom, strength, and success as you lead the greatest nation on earth and strive for unity among its people. All thinking Americans want you to succeed. All thinking Americans, like passengers on a 747, want those in the cockpit to arrive at their destination instead of crashing into the side of a mountain. Consequently, I will support you when your policies warrant that support for there are many areas where we can agree, but I will also speak openly against policies that violate the values and plain teachings of Scripture. As a President who also claims the Christian faith, I pray your leadership, demeanor, decisions, and policies will reflect rather than contradict those teachings.