Vote the Blessing

I find it interesting in a nation whose founders were composed of a group with diverse backgrounds, occupations, and interests that the media and entertainment elite would attempt to vilify and ridicule candidates all over the nation who do not share their educational pedigree or political ideology. If a candidate meets the local, state or federal requirements for office, he or she should be applauded for being willing to step into the fray to make a difference. I mean really now, how have these well-seasoned and often Ivy League educated lifetime politicians handled our interests? Ironically head knowledge when it comes to public policy rarely translates into common sense or wisdom. Enough said.

As you head to the polls for midterm elections in a couple of weeks I want to challenge you to be “blessing minded” rather than “party minded.” Too many Christian Americans are tied culturally or politically to a robotic loyalty to a particular initial behind a candidate’s name rather than the quality of their character. This year I want to encourage every believer to look for candidates at all levels of government that walk in the blessing or empowerment of God. God’s blessing, a function of an individual’s standing in God, gives one the power to succeed, increase, excel, bear much fruit, and have longevity. Our nation needs God’s super added to our natural and we need men and women with an understanding of what it means to possess the blessing, walk in the blessing, and be a blessing.

With the blessing of God our representatives can turn this nation back to a place where God is honored in the corridors of power. With the blessing our elected officials can begin to receive insights, ideas, and concepts for solving our nation’s economic woes. With the blessing our public servants can perform at a level of understanding, expertise, efficiency, and excellence that is impossible otherwise no matter how well-educated or experienced a candidate may be. Overcoming the complex and challenging issues of our time requires a great amount of humility and a revelation that nothing is too hard for the Lord (as long as the Lord’s counsel on our problems is consulted and honored).

So, as you head to the voting booth this November, remember that it does not matter if the candidates are Independent, Republican, or Democrat. What matters is whether they have the blessing of God on their lives for public service. Listen carefully to their words and observe the fruit of their lives. You won’t be able to discern whether someone has the blessing on their life by listening to the talking heads on cable television (regardless of their political predisposition). We cannot afford to let ideologues of all kinds to demonize or marginalize ordinary citizens who raise families, run businesses, and honor God, and who feel the call to serve their countrymen in this critical hour.

This is a great year for throwing out the professional politicians and electing housewives, farmers, doctors, preachers, teachers, and laborers who will go to the state capitals and to Washington D.C. and do what is right rather than what will produce the most pork or score the most political points. Vote the blessing this year and watch the blessing begin to produce wisdom, solutions, and prosperity once again in this nation.