You’re Fired!

“His mother said to the servants, ‘Do whatever he tells you’ ” (John 2:5, NIV). “Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me!” (Luke 10:40, NIV).

Living the victorious, significant, overcoming, and blessed life in God is not that hard to understand or attain. We hinder ourselves and complicate matters, though, when we fail to allow Jesus to be the Lord of our lives. Most of us know how to say “Lord” (just like the illustration of Jesus in Luke 6:46), but actually, intentionally, and consistently letting him be the Lord of our lives is a different thing altogether. When you think about it, we made terrible Lords over our lives before Jesus and we don’t do any better after we accept him. If Jesus is not Lord then he’s really not our savior, and if he’s not our savior then we can’t lay claim to the blessing.

The bottom line is that we want to have a savior (aka, fire insurance), but we aren’t too big on having someone calling the shots in our lives. “Jesus is Lord” means that he is the CEO, the director, and the master and our job is to listen to the directives and carry them out quickly, willingly, and graciously. Isaiah 1:19 says, “If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the best from the land” (NIV). This powerful nugget of truth teaches us that if we want to walk in the fullness of the blessing we must be obedient (obviously) but we must also be willing in our hearts (that is we obey with willing hearts before God rather than begrudgingly. Begrudging obedience is compliance and compliance does not reflect a willing heart.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, clearly understood the authority of Jesus and passed on her revelation to the servants who tended to the wedding at Cana. She told them to do whatever Jesus says. This, in a nutshell, is some of the greatest counsel you will ever hear concerning the Christian faith. If we get this lesson down, we will truly make a mark in this world that cannot be erased. What a contrast that is from Martha’s attitude who took ignorance of Lordship to an entirely new level when she actually commanded the Lord to tell her sister to help her! It doesn’t take a Bible scholar to figure out that Martha had inverted the Lordship factor. Jesus is the one that should be commanding us and not the other way around.

We live in a critical time. We have much to accomplish for the Kingdom of God and precious little time to do it. I believe we will see a dramatic increase in commands from the Lord to our hearts to correct thinking, behavior, attitudes, and even direction in life. I want to exhort you to be quick and accurate in your obedience and that you obey from a heart that is gracious and willing. It’s time to look in the mirror and fire yourself as the Lord over your life and truly make Jesus the Lord (not in a religious, knee-jerk manner, but in a manner consistent with a quality decision of dedication – a decision from which there is no further discussion and from which there is no retreat). Listen carefully and you’ll hear his voice telling you to witness to a certain person, or to forgive someone, or to serve in a certain ministry, or to give a certain amount of money, or to even go apologize to someone you have hurt or offended. Do whatever he tells you.