Operation Maltese

Recently my Mom’s dog BeBe died after a long bout with various health issues. Like all her pets through the years, she was quite close to this little snow-white Maltese who could literally sense when her minivan was approaching their street and would wait expectantly at the door for her arrival (tail wagging and tongue hanging out). Animals like Bebe, as every pet lover knows, understands, and appreciates, literally become a part of the family and it’s a very sad day when their short lives end.

Well, there would be no more BeBe welcoming committee and no following her around from room to room each day. Mom was heartbroken and her kids wanted to do something to encourage her. A plan was hatched (I called “Operation Maltese”) to locate a Maltese puppy and transport the little blessing out to her in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona.

I’m sharing this with you as a reminder of how our big God (He is El Elyon, the Most High God) cares about and provides for even the small things in the lives of His people. Maltese puppies in certain parts of the country can cost an arm and a leg. Through the Lord’s direction, we located a puppy for a very fair price and the puppy was trained, vet cleared for travel, up to date on his shots, and located just south of the Nashville Airport. I’m neither spooky or kooky but I do recognize the providence of God when I see it.

Operation Maltese was in full force as I met the breeder, took possession of “the package,” and headed to the airport and through security (where every female TSA agent wanted a puppy just like Puppy Heinz (as I called him at this point). We were on our way after a short delay in the terminal. Four hours later Mom had the new puppy in her arms (with a brand new name, Shiloh – don’t ask). The look on her face…indescribable and priceless (sorry MasterCard).

I don’t know what is breaking your heart today but I do know a God who is an expert in putting all the pieces together to minister to you and encourage you. He has an “operation” of his love and kindness and a million ways to meet you at the point of your need if you will approach Him with faith and trust. God’s intervention in our lives in the seemingly small areas of life is a reflection of His nature (He just can’t help it) He favors his people and he knows how to provide what we need just when we need it.