Becoming (BC) Biblically Correct

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made” (John 1:1-3, NIV).

It is clear from John 1 that Jesus and the Word are one. All things that are created or will be created are ultimately created by the Word. It’s a good principle for us to remember in life. If we are going to start or begin anything, begin with the Word of God. The degree to which we do this depends upon our personal view of the authority of the Word of God in our lives. The Bible says in Psalm 138:2, AMP, “for You have exalted above all else Your name and Your word and You have magnified Your word above Your name.” Think about that. God has exalted the revelation of the Word even above the revelation of his name. That tells us that the greatest authority and influence in our lives needs to be the Word of God. There is a great pressure to compromise on the Word in the name of being RC (religiously correct) or PC (politically correct), but the clarion call of the Spirit of God today is to make sure that we are BC (biblically correct).

When we understand the sheer power resident in the Word of God we will not be ashamed of it or allow someone or some influence to talk us out of it. Paul said, “I am confident that the good news will release God’s dynamic energy, which makes all persons whole” (Romans 1:16, Johnson). He is admonishing us here (as evident by other translations such as the NIV) to not be ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God unto salvation or soundness in every area of life.

Consider some simple truths about the Bible: (1) the Bible is nothing to be ashamed of (Mark 8:38); (2) the Bible is good news (Luke 4:18-19); (3) the Bible is the soundness bringer in our lives (Romans 10:9-10); (4) the Bible is the power of God (Hebrews 4:12); (5) the Bible is activated by believing (Hebrews 4:2); and (6) the Bible will work for ANYONE (Mark 11:20-22).

Check back for some very powerful teaching on the authority of the Word in coming posts and remember that your personal view of the Word determines what you can receive from the Word of God.