China Cry

Once again proving that the Maoist regime is bent on suppressing the freedom of religion the Chinese constitution guarantees, party thugs descended on one of the fastest growing churches in Asia without regard for law, life, property, or religious liberty. It is time for our nation to wake from its slumber and pray for the persecuted Church around the world and particularly this day for the Church in China. With the exception of a few “show” churches heavily monitored and controlled by the State, the Body of Christ is thoroughly persecuted and oppressed by the communist regime. It is also time for our government to stop its Chinese borrowing spree and start pushing China in earnest to respect human rights. I encourage you to contact your representatives and demand that our administration get out of bed with this tyrannical government long enough to see what is happening to its people and our brothers and sisters. Source:,2933,579979,00.html