The Fearless Spirit

iStock_000009086492Small-1We’ve been sharing the good news at Hope Harbor Church for several weeks now that God has not given us, his people, a spirit of fear. Certainly the circumstances all around us could tempt us to yield to the fear but in doing so we know that fear hooks us up to the enemy like faith hooks us up to God. When we get attached to the enemy we can expect destruction and devastation to follow. When we get attached to God through faith we can expect the favor of God and this is a great time for an outpouring of favor in all of our lives.

Fear is a perverted form of faith. It is having confidence that harm, adversity, and defeat is coming your way. Job declared that what he feared greatly had come upon him. Fear, like faith, is the product of our inputs in life. Faith comes by hearing but so does fear. If we give our attention to all the issues and problems in life then fear will be result. If we give our focus and attention to the incorruptible seed of the Word of God then faith will be the result. It’s time to neglect and starve that fear and feed our faith like never before.

Be confident that even though times change, bank accounts ebb and flow, people come and go, and we experience ups and downs, the Word, which is eternal, never changes and is not at all threatened by the harshest of circumstances. Fundamentally, the Word does not stop being true because we are going through something that contradicts the Word. The Word is the highest form of truth in the universe and the power in the Word to bring itself to pass in your life is released as you believe the Word and act on it.

Make up your mind today that you are going to walk fearlessly through these times. Decide now and forever that the Word reigns in your life no matter what you see, hear, or feel. Say like Smith Wigglesworth, “I’m not moved by what I see. I’m not moved by what I hear. I’m not moved by what I feel. I’m moved by the Word of God.”