From the Deathbed to the Baptism Pool

John Barrett Baptizing Shirley Royal
John Barrett Baptizing Shirley Royal

A few months ago, Shirley Royal went into a catatonic state and coded three times after being brought to the local hospital. No one gave the family much hope for a recovery and any recovery would be marked by residual physical limitations or even brain damage. I remember Mr. Royal standing over her body as we prayed. There was something extraordinary at play that day in the intensive care unit. I sensed God’s hand and I sensed that this women was one tough bird and definitely a fighter.

Not only did she not die, she regained full function, physically and mentally, and she then began to faithfully attend Hope Harbor Church. Last week during the kickoff of our brand new SOS (School of the Spirit) Wednesday night, Shirley decided to join the others scheduled to follow the Lord in baptism and I had the joy of witnessing one of the most outstanding miracles I’ve seen in fourteen years of ministry at Hope Harbor. Shirley had literally been lifted up from the deathbed to make her public profession of faith through baptism.

I want to encourage you that no matter how things look – no matter how much fear is trying to move against your heart – just keep on believing and trusting God. Stay focused on the promise and keep your heart filled with the Word of God and faith. We are in a very interesting season in this nation. I have discovered that a really tough time in the natural is prime time for our God to show up and show out with his power and glory.

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