Eager to Excel

UntitledMy family and I attended the West Coast Believer’s Convention recently in Long Beach, California. There’s nothing like sitting under the uncompromised Word of God from morning to night for an entire week. There is never a time that I do not receive life-changing revelation as I sit diligently listening to the Word and the voice of God speaking that Word to my heart. Once you receive the awesome revelation of the goodness of God and the reality of the blessing, you can’t help but want everyone to know about the possibilities through Jesus Christ.

We were packing up getting ready to leave Long Beach. I had just emailed the notes to our speakers for Sunday services at the Harbor. I had some time before we had to leave so I walked down the street a few blocks to Starbucks for a quick mocha. On my way back I spotted an elderly homeless man sitting quietly nearby reading the morning paper. He carried all of his worldly possessions in one backpack and one large green garbage bag. I got about a half a block past the gentleman when I heard the unmistakable prompting of the Holy Spirit, “Go talk to this man. He doesn’t have long to live.” After trying to get the wax out of my ears (you know the feeling), I took a few more steps before stopping to wait for the pedestrian sign to change so I could cross the street. I don’t know everything, but I do know when God is speaking to me about an assignment. I turned around, retraced my steps and sat down about ten feet from Emilio.

I quickly learned that this man spent most of his life working hard until challenging economic times forced him out of a job, out of his home, and on to the streets. His English was measured but understandable. He responded graciously to my questions about the condition of his soul and his readiness for heaven. Ironically, he told me that he had been given several Bibles through the years but that they were often stolen from him during the night. Although deeply religious, Emilio admitted that he had never personally repented of his sin or asked Jesus Christ to be the Lord and Savior of his life. He agreed to pray to receive Christ with me and then I asked if I could explain the power of the blessing to change his life while he was still on earth. He listened intently as I described God’s ability and willingness to minister to him in every way including the practical needs of life. He then agreed to let me pray for God’s blessing on his life. I prayed specifically that the Lord would even that day do some amazing things on his behalf to confirm that blessing and the covenant he now has with the Father and I took that opportunity to be the first one to bless him.

The name Emelio means “eager to excel.” The Lord reminded me that day just how eager many people are to hear the good news of the gospel. Many Christians simply do not witness to others because they have believed the lie that nobody wants to hear about our Jesus (in reality they don’t want to hear about some dead religion). I challenge you to find an Emelio every week to tell about the blessing that has been restored through the blood of Jesus Christ. No one can truly excel in life (meaning to go to the the highest level) without the blessing active and operating daily. We have been given such a wonderful trust, message, and mandate. Don’t be surprised when you’re minding your own business at a restaurant or store and you hear the familiar voice of the Holy Spirit urging you to hook up with your own eager Emelio!