Ambassadors of the Blessing

iStock_000004257931SmallThe Lord is literally pouring out revelation on The Blessing in our time. To understand the blessing we have to turn back to the pages of Genesis where we find the very first words ever heard by the human ear. Think of that – the very first words the Lord would ever say to the man and woman he just created. Whatever those words would be, they would be really, really important. And of course they were important. God pronounced his blessing upon his people and also declared their authority and dominion over his creation on his behalf. And if it was his will to bless his people then, it’s his will to bless them now.

The blessing is the empowerment to succeed, to prosper, to bear much fruit, and to have longevity. The curse, introduced as a result of sin in Genesis 3, was the power to fail. It is noteworthy that the Lord immediately alludes to the plan to restore the blessing to his people (Genesis 3:15). When Jesus went to the cross, he not only paid for our sins (that ¬†compromised the blessing and introduced the curse), he restored the blessing to those that would believe on him as Galatians 3:14 declares, “He redeemed us in order that the blessing given to Abraham might come to the Gentiles through Jesus Christ…”

Now we have the opportunity to walk in the blessing purchased for us through the blood of Jesus Christ and we also have the mandate to share the truth of the blessing with others. As Abraham was blessed to be a blessing, so we too have been blessed or empowered so that we can bless or empower others. In other words, we have been made ambassadors of Jesus Christ with a mandate to spread the truth about the redemption we have in Jesus and specific aspects of that redemption like the restoration of the blessing in our lives. We are, therefore, ambassadors of the blessing. Let us go forth reaching the unreached and telling the untold of the amazing provision we have been given through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There’s something on you…now go out and share it with others!