Why Is This Kid Smiling?

photoJust yesterday, it seems, this same kid was watching Barney and Winnie the Pooh videos and picking up dirt clods while he was suppose to be paying attention in the outfield of a tee-ball game. Tim was only two when we came to Murray to pastor. I’m at a loss for words trying to describe the feeling that all parents feel when they realize that years have just disappeared in front of their eyes. One day you wake up and your kid has turned 16 and has a driver’s permit (that’s why he’s smiling).

Like all parents who truly treasure their children, I would love to have slowed down the years a little but I’m glad about one thing. I’ve tried from the beginning to find the balance between ministry responsibility and the preeminent priority of being a husband and father. I’m so thankful I took the time to do the really important things with Tim like toss the baseball, throw the football, watch the Cards live (go Cards – sweep the Cubs), chase barracudas in the sea, torment the dogs, battle it out with air soft guns, play at Chuck E Cheese’s, and gorge ourselves on junk food on “bubby night.” 

I thank God Tim is a great son and excellent student, but most of all, he loves Jesus with all of his heart and strives to please Him daily. So, in the category of yet another milestone in the life of a teenage boy, Tim is currently working on his mandatory 60 hours driving time that would allow him to acquire a restricted driver’s license. Remember those years truly do fly by so enjoy every second and remember also that I warned you about Tim being on the road :).

There’s something on you – it’s the blessing!