Power Down

Some of us are technologically challenged. The extent of our computer savvy is turning on the machine and opening up an email program or web browser together with a few choice programs. Since we produce the Hope Harbor Radio Show in house, I’ve had to grow a little bit in my understanding.

Today, rather than running a CD of the program down to the radio station or dropping a copy in the mail, we simply upload the program on to our computer server and then the station logs in to download the programming for the week and then puts the show on the air. Occasionally, I will log in to upload the program and I’ll get a message that lets me know that the computer is laughing at me right now and completely unwilling to comply with my gentle mandate to receive the program even though the station is probably looking for it by now.

When all else fails around HHC from a technology standpoint, give John a call (even early in the morning – he loves that). The advice of the day from our computer sage – unplug the router and then plug it in again. Unplug the router and then plug it back in again? That’s the advice? That’s the counsel? To my amazement, shazam, it worked!

Perhaps we all can learn a little from our temperamental computer equipment. When we don’t seem to be working very well, unplug, power down, and spend some vital time with the Lord. Then when we plug back into the business and fray of our daily lives and ministry, we’ll be able to function with excellence and precision. Before we upload to the world we need to make sure we have properly downloaded what the Master wants us to receive.

I love computers….that’s my confession and I’m sticking to it.