Puzzle Pieces

hhc-mc-pic-11It’s hard to express just how thrilling it is to see Hope Harbor McCracken County coming together. We are now meeting on Wednesday nights at the Country Inn and Suites off of Interstate 24, Exit 4 in Paducah. I’ve been meeting with the team for months going over our vision and values and sharing principles of leadership in the multi-site church context. We’ve been blessed with an extraordinary team and I’m so pleased to be a part of it.

Last night (Wednesday, January 7), Kelli and I joined the team in Paducah to focus on team building. Together with new couples interested in the McCracken County work, our team listened to Kelli enthusiastically teach about teamwork and communication in ministry. The group is truly coming together and I fully expect immediate growth and development of this new church site.

The highlight of the evening was watching four teams try to best each other in putting together a child’s puzzle – a simple illustration of how quickly team dynamics come into play in any human endeavor and how we all need to work together to get the job done. The natural born leader will rise to command the other puzzle pushers. The detail person will be busy making sure the pieces are put down just right. The easy going team member will just comment on how much he likes the colors or the picture. Then there’s always one person that just smiles politely as if to say, “what’s up with the puzzle?”

Piece by piece the new HHC site in McCracken County is coming together and we expect the impact on the community to be truly amazing. As we progress in our multi-site efforts I want to remind everyone that there’s room on the HHC team for you. You just might be that missing piece we’re looking for. Thank you for stepping up to help us git r’ done in McCracken County and beyond. There’s something on you…and it’s the blessing!