More Lessons From A Six Pound Toy Poodle

img_0008We’ve been told by other dog owners that dogs will begin to ingest things like grass when they either have an upset stomach or if they are missing something vital from their diet. I can certify that PeePoo is well-fed and well-kept but she still enjoys strange and adventurous additions to her diet.

She started with grass and no matter how many times she throws up she returns to the same practice if left alone in the yard for more than a few moments (she kind of watches for us out of the corner of her eye so I know she knows better). Her suspicious eating habits then progressed to eating tinsel (her own special reason for liking Christmas). After a few dozen strands taken directly off the tree while standing on a stack of Christmas packages, she commenced with that oh so familiar sound  (a mixture of a choke and a gulp) and that familiar sight of Princess in the frog position abdomen ballooning until the tinsel ball came roaring back up.

She graduated to the big time recently when she discovered a bag of candy and chocolate on Tim’s bed and proceeded to rip open the bag to enjoy some Hershey’s Kisses (one of her favorites).  We were obviously concerned because unlike the pleasant buzz given to people after eating chocolate, the same chemical in chocolate poisons a dog. We confessed the blessing over PeePooh while I tried to ram my finger down her throat to induce vomiting. It seemed like whatever went down was going to stay down. Then in the middle of the night the chocolate bit back and I rushed to get her off the bed so she could once again pay the price for putting the wrong thing in her mouth. She threw up the chocolate (together with green foil and the little Hershey’s paper stem in the mix confirming and convicting her of the food crime).

I’ve often thought that Christians do the same thing. Despite the good food of the Word of God we insist on loading various poisons and toxins into our hearts and then wonder why we stay so sick and anemic spiritually. This year, let’s do things differently. Let’s be more careful about what we ingest spiritually. Let’s make sure that those thoughts and inputs square with the Word of God. Let’s have the discipline to walk away from the shiny and seemingly sweet philosophies of the world rather than swallowing what they think and promote. We really are what we eat and I encourage you this New Year to eat well!

I’m sure there will be more lessons from this six pound toy poodle in the future.