The Power of Words and Gas Prices

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they who indulge it shall eat the fruit of it [for death or life],” Proverbs 18:21, AMP

Gas Prices Fall 60%
Gas Prices Fall 60%

One of our faith-filled Hope Harbor kids heard a lady say this week how glad she was that the gas prices have come down. He made sure she knew it was “because of Hope Harbor Church.” Stunned, the lady didn’t know what to say.

Well, we know what he meant. He understood that as a church we began to put faith pressure on the oil and gas situation with our words (as other churches have done throughout the country). So many people, including Christians, got into the really bad habit of talking about how bad prices are and how things are going to get worse. We just made the quality decision to speak faith-filled words and command those prices to come down in Jesus’ name.

We know now that God has honored the faith of thousands of believers and the gas prices just continue to plummet. In fact, our original faith goal of $2.89 by Christmas has been amended several times. In fact, the price has been dropping faster than we can declare a new price (but that’s just a coincidence).

Remember in challenging times to continue to speak the Word and not the circumstances. Remember that words are powerful and that we will rise or fall to the level of the confession of our mouths. Remember that your tongue is the deciding factor in your life. Change your words and you can change your life. No matter how fierce the storm or how serious the problem, your tongue can turn it. No storm or challenge or difficulty is so big that you, as a believer, cannot overcome it with God’s Word in your mouth. Your confession will control your ship in any storm, including an economic one.