It’s Merry Christmas

christmas-2008The Christmas season is a time of great joy and a time that much of the world’s population pauses to reflect on the gift of God to the world, Jesus Christ and what he would accomplish on the cross for the world. It’s easy for the simple message of redemption and reconciliation to get lost in the hyper commercialism and secularization of Christmas. In fact, the agenda of the agnostic, atheist, and humanist to force Christmas to the background of American life is more prevalent today than ever (including a bus advertising campaign by the humanists that challenge the observer, “Why believe in a god…just be good for goodness’ sake”). The problem is that without a standard for goodness (the Lord and His Word) there is no way to define what is good. That’s why belief in God translates into practical goodness. [See the foxnews story at:,2933,450445,00.html]

It started years ago with the introduction of more and more secular images of the season: talking reindeer, likable animated snowmen, and jolly Santas showing up in schools, in storefronts, and all over the television set. The collective result of this flurry of secular images in our culture is a population that has become so detached from the reality of Christmas that “X” has replaced Christ in the greeting “Merry Christmas” and in schools and department stores the phrase is almost treated like profanity (the wonderful contribution of the politically correct thought police). They prefer to say, “Happy Holidays” and they now call Christmas Trees, “Holiday Trees” (barf). I just want to remind you that the correct greeting is “Merry Christmas,” and I encourage you to say it often. Say it in faith. Say it in joy. Say it to everyone you can. Remind your community that Christmas is about the coming of the anointed one.

Still, Christmas is one of the greatest outreach opportunities of the year. This year we will be presenting our Living Christmas Tree featuring a cast and crew of over 100 people. I invite you to volunteer to help with the set construction or tear down, or help with hospitality one or more nights of the production. Also, please help us spread the word to our community. With your help and the blessing of God we will see many come to Christ this December 5-7 and help make this their best Christmas yet. MERRY CHRISTMAS!