Snack Cakes and Skunks

tim-drumI have been blessed with the greatest parents in the world. They always encouraged and supported all four of their children. They knew what some parents and loved ones do not – showing up to support your kids in their activites communicates love and builds their self-confidence and security.

As we head to the Kentucky State Band Championships with Tim and the Calloway County Laker Band, I can’t help but think about the many times my parents were there to support me.  I remember my parents standing on the pool deck watching me win another race or set another record. I remember my Dad watching every pitch I threw on my way to another baseball victory.  One of my most vivid memories growing up was the daily 5:30 am commute to Carbondale, IL for swimming practice. Dad woke my brothers and me, got us in the front seat of our Chrysler, turned on the heater, handed us a Hostess Ding Dong, and then headed out in to the cold, dark morning so that his kids could participate in a quality swim program.  Fifteen minutes into the drive and the heater was still blowing cold, skunk tainted air.

As a pastor and as a band parent I am sad to say that many kids never have their parents or loved ones show up to cheer them on. Sitting in the bleachers waiting for my son’s band to perform I overhead a band member from another school say, “I wish my mom loved me enough to see me perform.”  I remember thinking, “Every kid should have someone here.” Nothing builds self-confidence and a sense of worth in your children like being there for them. Regardless of the activity, interest, or pursuit, make the support of your children one of your highest priorities in life. No parent can be there for everything, but for your kid’s sake, make that extra special effort to at least attend some of their activities.