Voting the Economy, Emotion, or Ethics

Next Tuesday our nation will go to the polls to select the next President of the United States. There is no question that change is coming regardless of who is elected. The tension for the true born again believer in Jesus Christ in any election is deciding first and foremost what will be the primary basis of their vote.

Many people will cast a vote simply on the condition of the economy and the perceived impact the election will have on their personal financial situation. Others will vote out of emotion using their vote to make a statement about how they feel about the direction of the country in general and those they perceive to be most responsible for the situation.

But is there a basis for voting that transcends the economy and the emotional state of the voter? Should the believer look beyond personal benefit and individual anxiety over the state of affairs in our nation to cast a vote based on say, ethical or moral grounds? I believe the answer is yes.

One of the simplest ways to evaluate candidates from a moral perspective is to take the platforms from the major national candidates and lay them side by side next to the Ten Commandments and go right down the line to see how the respective platforms square with God’s timeless ethical standard. In addition to an honest evaluation of the party platforms in comparison to the morality of the Ten Commandments, a Christian should also consider important contemporary issues like abortion, the integrity of marriage, and the security of the State of Israel when deciding who to vote for.

The 2008 Presidential election will be a turning point not so much for the historical nature of the candidates such as the first major party African-American Presidential candidate or the first woman Vice-Presidential candidate nominated by the GOP, but for the huge cultural shift the election will reinforce. The Christian should remember that every matter is really a Lordship matter and our votes should be cast based on what we sense the Lord saying to us through His Word rather than what our party affiliation, our self-interests, or our emotions such as fear or anger would indicate.

I encourage you to fast and pray for the upcoming election and the ramifications of America’s decision. Seek God’s face before Tuesday and then cast your vote with a clear conscience knowing that you voted based on the ethics of the Word and not the economy or your emotions.