Lessons From A Six Pound Toy Poodle

I really didn’t want another dog, but it was Kelli’s birthday and after looking at me with those dark puppy dog eyes of her own (the eyes I fell in love with years ago), I couldn’t resist. We answered an ad in the paper and headed out to Springfield, TN to inspect a small litter of three poodle pups. Kelli was immediately drawn to the smallest pup in the litter, a reserved and intimidated cinnamon colored pooch that didn’t seem to care too much if she was picked or not.

On the way home the poodle pup shook the entire time on the road and occasionally looked up at Kelli as if to say, “help!” At home, it didn’t take long for Princess (Kelli’s official name for the fluff ball) to get to know the other animal of the house and discover the wonderful value of having a friend with a built in chew toy attached to his rear. Princess adjusted rather quickly to her new surroundings, began to grow and get very attached to the family.

When I get to really liking someone (or some thing), I will typically begin to tease and come up with a tiring list of nick names. Princess very quickly became PeePoo (until she began to have routine accidents due to my momentary lapse of the revelation of the power of words), then I renamed her affectionately, Nopeenopoo. I also called her Pretty Girl (pronounced “purty” girl), Mocha Poo and Coca Poo (for her propensity for three dollar cups of coffee and drops of Coke left in a bottle), Jelly Belly (you wouldn’t believe me if I told you), Isopurty, etc. (you get the idea). Watching her follow me around and to bed, I realized the feelings were mutual.

So, what can you learn from a six pound poodle named Peepoo? First, just be yourself. If they don’t like you (or want you), they’re the ones missing out. I couldn’t imagine now missing Princess digging gum out of the trash after everyone leaves the room, plopping on the couch, and doing her best to figure out how to keep that gum in her mouth long enough to derive any pleasure from it and quickly before the contraband is confiscated.

Second, like all dogs with a terrible sense of time, Princess will greet you with unbridled tail wagging, cries, and a strange little circular dance until you recognize that royalty has entered the room – even if you’ve only been out of the house for ten minutes. What if we all treated the people in our lives like that? Surely with the love of God in our hearts we can at least follow the example of a six pound wonder!

More lessons from a six pound toy poodle with twenty nick names later…